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StarterKit is a simple directory that lists the top affordable products for different hobbies. There's no catch, sign-up form, or login.

Get up and running in minutes

You don't need to spend days or weeks researching anymore to start a new hobby. With our efficient kits, you can order everything you need in less than 5 minutes. See a few examples below.

  • Photography Starter Kit

    The best & most affordable photography equipment in the world compiled into one concise list. Get cameras, lenses, tripods, and more.

  • DJing Starter Kit

    Hot & New

    Drop the bass. Everything you need to own to get up and running as a hobbyist or a professional DJ.

  • Powerlifting Starter Kit

    Weightlifting, bodybuilding, & powerlifting equipment for a better you. Includes belts, gloves, shoes and more.

Intelligent, democratic listings

Our listings are updated based on a voting process. We sift through thousands of datapoints (product recs, guides, etc) & democratically 'elect' the best product for our kits.

  • No sponsored products - ever

    Unlike other affiliate websites, we never take advertising revenue to 'sponsor' certain products over others. All of our listings are   100% organic so you know you're always getting the best deal.

  • Commitment to transparency

    Our website makes money through a small affiliate percentage when you buy an eligible product through our link. This often comes with significant discounts for you, so it's a win-win.

Frequently asked questions

How do you compile your kits?

We use a combination of web scraping, RSS feeds, and natural language processing to identify effective products and then list them according to price.

Do I need to sign up, log in, or register?

Never. Just click a kit to view product information and get started - it's that simple.

Do I get a discount through a StarterKit link?

Occasionally, our affiliate links include significant discounts. These range from 5%-20%, making it a no-brainer.

What if I find a better price for the same product elsewhere?

Then great work! We'd love to hear about it and potentially include it in our list - send us a message for infinite thanks.

Can I submit my/my company's product for listing?

We don't accept sponsored posts or submissions (as part of our commitment to the best quality products). However, if you have a product line you'd like us to investigate, feel free to contact us.

I have an request for a new hobby that's not currently on the site.

We're all ears! Contact us and we'll consider creating a new category for it.

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